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T2 is an affordable and easy-to-use courier service that delivers packages in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Fill in your order details below and get an instant cost estimate.

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Our servicesx

T2 handles parcel deliveries that are too large for regular mail and too costly and time-consuming to be shipped via standard transportation companies. Our couriers use a variety of cargo delivery vans to quickly and safely transport various types of cargo across a number of European countries and Baltic states.

Transportation via traditional freight companies means your package will travel through a whole logistics network before reaching its destination. During this time, your order will be combined with other shipments to save space as well as transferred between several trucks, which increases the chances of your item being damaged, not to mention the increased waiting period.


Placing an order with T2 couriers is quick and easy thanks to our online cost estimation tool.


We handle each shipment with care from start to finish using a smarter choice of vehicles.


Shipping packages using T2 is cheaper and faster than using mail or transportation companies.

Our solution

Our drivers are faster and can use roads that heavy trailer trucks are banned from using, not to mention the option to drive up right to your door.

Since the weight of our vehicles, even when fully loaded, is considerably less than a regular truck, our drivers can legally avoid the regulations that limit truck drivers’ speed, ability to drive at night, choice of roads and access to inner-city areas.

Whether you are a business in need of an international courier or an individual looking for a local delivery service, there is no better option than T2.

Our vehiclesx

T2 has a fleet of over 10 vehicles ranging from smaller vans to larger passenger and cargo delivery vans. All of our vehicles can travel long distances without having to follow the same laws and regulations that impose a number of restrictions on heavy freight trucks at night and on inner-city roads.

Smaller delivery vans

  • Spacious, quick and maneuverable
  • Used to deliver smaller parcels

Larger delivery vans

  • Can transport up to 1.5 tons of cargo
  • Used to deliver passengers or packages

Our approach

Most transportation companies are also part of a logistics network where the transfer of cargo between trucks is common practice. This means that there’s a higher chance of items being damaged or even lost.

We are the only company involved in the delivery process, so you can rest assured that all packages, no matter how small or delicate, arrive at their destination in time and in one piece.

Our teamx

T2 is located in Tallinn, Estonia and consists of a team of professionals experienced in the field of logistics and transportation. We employ qualified drivers and use reliable vehicles to ensure timely and safe delivery of all orders. Every client is important to us, so we always strive to provide excellent service.

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